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In Response to Covid-19,
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 $175 Includes: a 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Rays and Exam,
Followed by Your
Emergency Consultation

Having a Dental Emergency?

A Dental Emergency would be:
1. Any condition that requires immediate attention
2. In order to prevent a health problem or
3. To alleviate the burden on hospital emergency departments

Some examples:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Severe dental pain
  • Infection with localized pain and swelling
  • The risk of infection
  • Defective restorations causing pain
  • Removal of dental stiches
  • Dentures that obstruct normal oral function
  • Replacing temporary filling creating pain
  • Adjustments of appliances harming the mouth.

Special Offer During This Pandemic
$175 Includes: a 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Rays and Exam,
Followed by Your
Emergency Consultation
A Combined Savings of $279

The professionals at The Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry are experienced experts on dental emergency treatment in the Columbia Maryland area!

Here Are Some Benefits of Having Your Emergency Dental Treatment With The Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry:

Special Offer During This Pandemic

✔️ $175 : 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Ray & Exam

✔️ Includes a No-Obligation Emergency Dental Consultation. A Combined Savings of $279

✔️ Affordable Pricing and Financing Plans

✔️ A 10% Courtesy Fee Reduction for Any Emergency Treatment Performed The Same Day

✔️ Peace of Mind Knowing That We Provide a Clean and Safe Environment (see Coronavirus Update below)

We are passionate about how we care for our patients and one another, and are unwavering in our commitment to excellence in dentistry. We can provide the gentle emergency dental care you need.

By having one of our experienced oral health professionals give you a thorough examination, you can avoid the danger of having your dental issues get worse!

In addition to top-notch care in a state-of-the-art office, here are some other services the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry provides:

  • We offer digital x-rays that use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, as well as intraoral photographs so that you can see exactly what your dentist sees.
  • Your initial exam will also include a 3-D CT scan
  • Our office can submit claims on your behalf to whatever insurance carrier you use
  • If your dentist determines that additional treatment is needed, he or she will sit down with you and explain everything in detail, so you’re always well informed
  • In addition, there will be a 10% Courtesy Fee Reduction for any emergency treatment performed the same day as your examination

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Patient Testimonials

Mar 02 2020
I’ve been a patient at the Julian Center since 2008. It’s the best place to go! No one can match their standard of care. Truly amazing dentistry. The staff is always friendly and efficient. If you have any anxiety regarding dental work they will make you feel at home and comfortable.

✩✩✩✩✩ Keto Enthusiast

Feb 19 2020
My family and I had the BEST experience with this team. We waited months to get in (trying to schedule 3 family members together) and it was worth the wait!. They were kind, caring, informative, and toxin-free! My children felt comfortable with their cleaning, and my exam was thorough and pleasant! Definitely 5-stars!

✩✩✩✩✩ Barbara Brynan Nagaraj

Feb 09 2020
Sam and his staff are excellent. I’ve have severe sleep apnea and do not like wearing a CPAP machine. Dr. Sam told me about an alternative device called a Homeobloc it kinda works like a retainer and doesn’t allow your tongue to fall back blocking your airway. A custom fitting is required and once i received my appliance it immediately started showing results. I use a sleep tracker and my levels of REM sleep and deep sleep increased immediately . I feel more rested in the morning and a few minor adjustments were required to get it working at 100%. Cindy also is awesome she cleans my teeth, I also get nutritional advice and natural supplements. I once took a hockey puck to the mouth playing Ice hockey I immediately was seen to ensure i didn’t do any permanent damage to my pallet or jaw bone structure. I highly recommend this practice. If your having sleep issues go see Dr. Sam , He way more than just a dentist.

✩✩✩✩✩ Billy Drexel

Feb 03 2020
Amazing professionals with the latest technology. Dr Sambataro and his staff were very detailed and have sooo much knowledge. Highly recommend if you have a sleep disorder, snoring or general dentistry

✩✩✩✩✩ Jose Interiano

Jan 23 2020
The most comprehensive and peaceful environment- the staff are amazing, the doctors are knowledgeable, it was a very pleasant experience!

✩✩✩✩✩ Ella King

Jan 15 2020
It takes a lot to make a guy want to go to the dentist, and this past checkup of mine was consistent with that draw. From the congeniality to the lengthy/thorough cleaning attention to the professionally astute medical examinations the Julian Center is a pearl of great value for those pearly whites.

✩✩✩✩✩ Matt from Baltimore

Coronavirus Update

Cindy Sambataro
Dental Hygienist

Meet Your Infection Control Coordinator (ICC)

Along with being a fantastic hygienist that patients adore, Cindy is responsible for ensuring that our ENTIRE office is a hygienic and infection-controlled zone. She is thoroughly trained and kept up to date with changes in infection control policies. You can rest assured that this will be your safest dental visit.

Our Standard and Covid-19 Precautions

Your dental health is important, and your safety is our top priority. As a holistic practice, we strive daily to create a clean and safe environment so you can continue to receive the highest-level dental care without fear or concern.

Our office is extremely safe. Our professional staff maintains a germ-free environment for our emergency patients. We carry out strict protocols to keep our patients and team safe that go beyond CDC, State and local infection control guidelines.

Additional precautions rarely used in other dental offices include:

  • Ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide in all the HVAC units
  • Ozone that is released during off hours
  • Special air filters throughout the office
  • We also check your temperature when you arrive and will reschedule anyone experiencing symptoms of an illness
  • Upon arrival, you will be immediately taken to the operatory. We ask that any family members or friends wait in the car
  • We also take your blood oxygen saturation upon being seated in the operatory (low oxygen levels are a sign of Covid-19)

Schedule Your 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Ray and Emergency
Dental Exam, followed by a  No-Obligation Emergency Consultation.
All for $175 – A total Savings of $279

CALL NOW 410-964-3118

The Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry Team

Dr. Gene Sambataro

Why I Focus on Holistic Dentistry

If you knew what I have learned about the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings, fluoride, toxic root canals, and gum disease, your decisions about dental health care would be quite easy to make.

For example, there are many physicians that report nearly 80% of all illnesses are related to infections, toxicities, and imbalances in the mouth.

I choose to focus on holistic/biological dentistry because I believe we are at the beginning of a fundamental shift in the practice of dentistry. A transformation that will shift the focus of dental practices away from the emergency treatment of symptoms towards compassionate, comprehensive and preventative biological care that truly embraces the philosophy of Hippocrates: “First do no harm.” In this type of health-oriented dental practice, Dentists will become a patient’s Primary Care Physicians.

Dr. Zachary Reicher

Our Dental Artist

At five years old, I told my kindergarten teacher I was going to be a singing dentist in Hawaii. Well, one out of three isn’t too bad! While I may not be crooning on the beaches of Oahu, I have still managed to bring a unique approach to my work.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BA in Fine Arts and a BS in Biology, I spent a year at the Maryland Institute College of Art in their jewelry-making department. When visiting a supply store for one of my courses, I made an unexpected discovery that changed my life – Who would have thought that a jewelry supply store also sold dental instruments? At that point, my inner five year old reawakened, and here I am now.

As a dentist and an artist, I bring a unique eye to the field of dentistry. I like to think that I could have made Mona Lisa smile! When I’m not working on masterpieces in people’s mouths, I still return to more traditional artistic mediums. Screen-printing and painting are still my favorites, and my apartment is fully decorated with my work. While my home collection may not be on public view, I’d be happy to make you an original (dental) work of art!

Schedule Your 3D CT Scan, Digital X-Ray and Emergency
Dental Exam, followed by a  No-Obligation Emergency Consultation.
All for $175 – A total Savings of $279


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